DIY: J.Crew Inspired Crystal Bracelet

Kicking off some of the spider webs around there with a spin-off to the J.Crew Crystal Venus Flytrap Inspired Necklace DIY I did a while ago. 
This time, a bracelet.

Spring still seems a tad reluctant to stay but summer should be arriving soon and there is no reason for your wrists to be bare. This crystal bracelet DIY is easy, fun and full of bling.

You will need:

DIY: Pyramid Wrist Bag

Holiday parties all around and you really don't want to be carrying a large handbag that makes it difficult to dance or has you worrying about keeping an eye on it when you leave it aside.
That is why I love wristlets!
Spacious enough to carry your necessities and small enough to keep it around your wrist at all times.

My friend Kostas over at Milloo handbags was kind enough to put together this Pyramid Wrist Bag tutorial so we can all make out own little party wristlets :)

 This wristlet measures approx 18cm/7'' so adjust your leather size accordingly if you want a smaller or larger version.

You will need: