♥ O.P.I ♥ Addiction

♥ O.P.I ♥ by 3andoo™
♥ O.P.I ♥, a photo by 3andoo™ on Flickr.
I am seriously addicted to O.P.I nail polish! I just adore all the gorgeous shades and the fact that the polish stays on for more than a week and withstands most of my dish washing and crafting :)

I love them so much that I often forget which shades I have which resulted in buying some doubles which I think I will give away on this blog sometime soon.

I really must take some pics of the shades to try and keep track!

Do you use O.P.I or maybe a different brand that works better for you?
Do tell :)


  1. i've heard of people creating a spread sheet to keep track of the shades they have. nail polish is fun that's for sure.

  2. I'm loving that sparkly green in the top left corner :)