DIY : Chevron Sneakers

My lovely friend over at Natbee's Fashion was looking into some Aztec print shoes the other day with a quite hefty price tag and wondering what kind of color would work best to make a pair for herself.
I looked around a bit and was lucky enough to find this great tutorial over at Refinery29 for chevron painted sneakers that would be great to play around and change the pattern.

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  Resembling the fabulous Missoni chevron shoes that evaporated from store shelves in a minute, this is a great DIY all around!

You will need :
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 - a pair of white canvas sneakers
- a ruler
- manila file folder or a piece of other stiff paper 
 - a pencil
- scissors
- fabric markers in various colors of your choice
  (ones with both a thick and thin tip are best)  Start by drawing a straight line near the edge of your paper with the help of the ruler.
Head over to Refinery29 to check the full instructions and enjoy this great tutorial :)


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  1. ποπο φανταστικο!Το κοιταω το ξανακοιταω θα το κανω σιγουρα αμα βρω μαρκαδορακια!
    1000ευχαριστω και παλι :)