DIY : Red Heart Hoodie

 Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. Currently it is all about wearing your heart closer to where it belongs. Well..on your chest.
Hearts are everywhere and -the soon to be here- Autumn will find them in many combinations on chunky knitwear, sweaters, tops, cardigans and the list goes on.
There is plenty of inspiration out there :

I decided to beautify one of my hoodies following the heart trend and I am totally obsessed with the result. I went with a classic red heart but I see myself going crazy with color combinations soon and I really have to keep myself from doing this to all my tops.

A plain, bulky gray hoodie that I usually rock after the gym is now beyond cute and I just love it!

You will need:

- a hoodie or a top of your choice
- fabric paint (any paint that is suitable for fabrics, sometimes acrylic works as well)
- cutting mat or a piece of cardboard that you can cut your stencil on 
- a piece of cardboard or a big plastic bag to put inside the hoodie/top so that 
the paint does not transfer to the backside
- freezer paper
- sponge brush
- cloth iron
- X-acto knife
- pencil or marker
- a disposable cup
- scissors

Start by drawing a heart on your freezer paper and then trace it with the X-acto knife so that you create your stencil. Position your stencil where you want your heart to be on your hoodie and iron over it (shinny side down). It will stick and stay in place so that you can proceed with the painting part.

Before you start painting put your plastic bag or cardboard inside your hoodie so that you keep the front and back side apart. This will help your paint to not transfer to the back of your hoodie.
Poor some paint in your disposable cup and using your brush start painting inside your stencil.

Apply a generous quantity of paint with your strokes all over the stencil. When you paint the whole design look closely for any uneven spots and fill them up.

Pay extra attention to the edges of the stencil to ensure the paint is even all around.

Once you have covered the stencil evenly let the piece dry according to your paint's manufacturer instructions. When it has dried carefully peel off the stencil. It comes off really easy and if you are patient with it your stencil will come off intact and ready to use again.

Most fabric paints require heat to set (so that they do not come off in the was) so read your paint's instructions and treat accordingly. Mine required ironing.
After setting the paint you are ready to wear you fabulous new heart hoodie!

Hope you like it :)


  1. what fabric paint do you use? and it doesn't fade or peel off in any way when you wash it??

  2. Hello Krista!
    I used a textile paint called "Palett" on this. I bought it in Norway so I am not sure if you can find it where you are. It has been a couple of months since I made this and I have washed it once a week ever since. The paint still looks and feels great, no fading and no peeling :)