DIY: Glitter Studded Ballerina Flats

I believe that every lady has a pair of shoes, never worn, forgotten somewhere in her shoe drawer or closet. I don't wear flats so these little fellas have been abandoned for quite some time. If mind serves, I purchased these ballerina flats in 2006, in a Primark somewhere in London and never wore them. I figured it was about time I do something with them and this DIY for Glitter Faux Studded Ballerina Flats was born.

You will need:

- a pair of ballerina flats
- glitter deco paint or any puffy paint you like
(I used textile glitter paint)
- a marker and a measuring tape (optional)

Begin by wiping your flats with a damp cloth to make sure they are clean. 
This step is optional but you can use a measuring tape and a marker to mark dots on your flats and create the design for your "studs" pattern. 
 My ballerina flats were black so I used a red marker that just stands out a little bit against the black and made it easier to see where to paint my dots afterwards. 
You can cover the whole shoe or parts of it, it is totally up to you :)

Once you have your design down stuff a couple of tissues in the front side of the flats to keep their surface even while working on them.
Begin covering your dots with the glitter paint by extruding little "blops" of it on each of your marked spots. Finish each one by pulling the paint's nozzle upwards so they get little spike-y on the top. 
 Try to apply even pressure on each dot so that they are of similar size. 
Once you have traced all your dots, leave the shoes aside to dry according to your paint's instructions. 
I know it looks a bit weird at this point but it will dry beautifully!
I left mine dry overnight and in the morning they were ready.
I even gave them a little "stress test" trying to scratch some dots off and they held up just fine. 
I also added a few dots on the back of the shoes.
There is no right or wrong pattern, too many or too few "studs" on this.
This is your DIY so make it your own and have fun! :)
Hope you like it!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this and will definitely have to give it a try! Your blog is amazing and I am now following!


  2. These are so cute and would be a lot cheaper than the studded flats I have seen in the shops lately! :)

  3. These are so cute and would be way cheaper than the flats I have seen in the shops recently :)