DIY: Studded Sunglasses

Studs don't seem to be going away anytime soon so I decided to give in to the trend and add a stud fix to my new sunglasses. I didn't want to glue a bunch of studs on them though so while looking for an alternative I thought of hot-fix studs.
They come in reels which means I could measure and cut up pieces that would fit the arms of my sunglasses, they are already arranged and aligned on the "band" they are on and and would not be hard to remove when I get over the studs trend.

 An easy, flexible and cute way to style your sunglasses :)

You will need:
 - a pair of sunglasses (I am using Rayban Wayfarers c/o Sunglasses Shop)
- a piece of hot-fix studs reel (there are reels of rhinestones too if you want an extra sparkle)
- scissors and glue

Measure your studs reel against your sunglasses arm and using your scissors cut two pieces, one for each arm.
Depending on the width of the arm and your studs you may need to trim the reel a little as well.
Apply some glue on the studs piece and firmly apply on the sunglasses' arm, holding in place for a few seconds.
Leave to dry according to your glue's instructions.

Hope you like it!


  1. These look hot!
    xx Tanya

  2. The sun never sets on the cool!

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