DIY: Metallic Filigree BiB Necklace

As a major impulse shopper I love it when I finally get to use things that I buy.
I've had these filigree, lace looking metallic stampings for a while and this bib necklace idea was swirling in my head lately so here it is.
A very easy project that took only 5 minutes to make and costs about a handful of dollars.

You will need:
 - filigree stampings (I used bronze ones that measure approx. 30mm each) 
- jump rings 
- chain 
- clasp 
- pliers

Arrange your stampings so that you know beforehand how many you will use.
It helps having the design in mind when linking the stampings.
Keep in mind that filigree stampings usually have a hollow backside so make sure you have them facing the correct way when linking them.  
Using your pliers attach the jump rings between the stampings and link them following your design.
I used three for the top row but you can use more if you want your necklace to be bigger.
When you have linked the stampings, use a jump ring on each of the top row corners and attach the chain.
Measure the necklace on your neck and use the pliers to open the chain links and attach the clasp at the desired length.

All done :)
 You can glue gemstones or crystals on the stampings to add some bling or paint the stampings beforehand if you want to make a colored version.
You can customize it in so many ways so enjoy :)

Hope you like it!

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  1. I'm wearing a similar necklace today and it is an eye-catching statement necklace indeed!