Tutorial : DIY Bright Chain Bracelet

If you love the current fashion trend of flashy bright colors and color blocking then you will love this tutorial.
Dismount Creative has a great easy tutorial on how to make your own bright woven chain bracelet. Perfect for summer and you can always play around with the colors to adjust it to your fall/winter wardrobe.
(image by Dismount Creative)

You will only need 3 things and if you are the lazy kind you can just buy a kit for this bracelet from Dismount Creative right away.

Go ahead and have fun making your own using this great tutorial and why not make it a group thing and enjoy a fun afternoon  making gorgeous bracelets with some friends :)

(image by Dismount Creative)

You can always use more chain length and make some fantastic long necklaces as well.

That's what's great with DIY projects. You are in total control and you know that in the end you will love the result.

I am already picking colors for mine and I have this idea of making some to put on my bike for a very unique "make other people laugh" look.
I am not really sure how that will work out after the pom poms I made for it but if I can't bring on the circus on a bike look now then when? Just hope it will not rain on it.


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