DIY: Glitter Earring Posts

Doesn't everything look so much better covered in glitter? Lately I have been contemplating applying a layer of glitter on everything. Before making my day-dreaming obsession of a glitter wall a reality though, I thought it is best to start small.

Glitter earring posts!
So easy, so cute and so sparkly!

You will need:

- earring posts with blank pads (I use 8mm pad ones in this project)
- glitter powder
- varnish glue
- a piece of Styrofoam or a sponge
- toothpicks and a disposable container to mix the glitter

Start by placing your earring posts on the piece of Styrofoam or anything you can use to stick them onto and keep them stable and in place.
In a disposable container or a piece of paper/foil, pour an amount of glue equal to the size of a pea. The quantity of glitter that you will mix with that depends on how glittery you want the result to be. The more glitter you put the less transparent spots you will have on your earrings once they dry.
The red ones in this project had more glue than glitter. All other colors had more glitter mixed in.

Use a toothpick to drop a generous drop of the glue/glitter mix on each of the post pads.

 Using the toothpick make small circular motions on the pad so that the mix goes over it evenly. Make sure you apply a generous amount so that you have a small half bubble on your pad otherwise  your posts will be flat in the end.

Once you have covered them with your glue/glitter mix let them dry according to your glue's instructions.
 Since this glue is mixed with varnish the result is already glossy, waterproof and has volume so as soon as they dry they are ready to be worn :)
Hope you like them :)


  1. At first, I thought you were using thumbtacks *lols*

    1. i did too! i think it could make cool thumb tacks though.

    2. Absolutely :) You can use this on any surface really

  2. Awesome idea!! When I saw the picture in Craftgawker I thought to myself: "these look great but I probably won't have at home the things I need to make them" WRONGGG!!! I'm so going to try this! Thanks <3

  3. SO cute and so simple! I'll definitely be making a ton of these -- thanks for the idea!

  4. Definitely going to try this! Thanks for the idea :)

  5. Love them! Do you think modge podge would work?

  6. I was inspired and made a bunch! I referenced you on my blog! Thank you so much for the tutorial! :)

  7. These are adorable! I may try to make some, I have a lot of unused glitter!