Tutorial : DIY Studded Wrap Bracelet

A lot of bracelets around lately but since it is summer that is quite normal. What better way to decorate tanned wrists?
If you like bracelets and leather than you are in luck with this easy yet fabulous leather bracelet tutorial from DismountCreative :)

(image by dismountcreative)

So easy that I made one myself before I even put up this post. 
Thankfully I had all materials needed here except I used a different kind of fastener so that I can use it both as a bracelet and a belt :)

Here it is :

 Not bad right? :)

You will need :
- Suede or Leather Trim
- Pyramid Studs
- Small rivets
- Two large jump rings
- Hole punch
- Mallet or hammer

I used a longer leather strap I had gotten from a friend that works at a shoe repair shop and a small belt clasp instead of suede and jump rings.

You can always experiment around and use what suits you :)
Go ahead and give it a try :)

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