Children Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming full speed and if you are like me you love online shopping.
That means orders must be placed well in advance so that they make it here on time especially when it comes to handmade items.
So don't leave anything for the last minute.
Order early to avoid the holiday traffic rush so that if anything goes wrong you always have time for returns, replacements, adjustments etc.
Children are of course the protagonists of holiday shopping 
so here is a little something to inspire and get you started :)
 (click on the pictures to go to each product's page)



  1. To koliedaki einai glukutato!!!kai mou aresei kai to headband,genika einai wraia na stolizeis ta mallia se allazei olo to sunolo.
    P.S:Telika akoma den exw katalavei gt otan eimai sthn douleia me vgazei anonymous k otan eimai spiti me vgazei kanonika!

  2. oh the bottle pendant is so cute. Follow each other. Let me know will follow you back.

  3. My fave is My Small Balloon Pencil Drawing Pendant Necklace on Bronze Chain Illustration :D