Tutorial : DIY Piano Clutch

Time for a tutorial and a fantastic one at that!
I have this old leather clutch that I haven't used in ages and I was searching for a way to give new life to it. At the same time I was contemplating giving it to a second hand store and wondering why on earth did I pack it when I moved to Norway since I never use it. Things were looking grim for the little
 Luckily I stumbled upon Andrea's blog Papper Sparrow and the future of my clutch is looking bright, Dolce & Gabbana bright!
Andrea has a brilliant tutorial on how to turn a plain black clutch into a piano one inspired by the D&G A/W 2011 collection.
(image by Papper Sparrow)

You basically need tape and white spray, plus sealant to make sure it stays on.
Oh and a clutch :)

 She also has many other fantastic ideas and DIYs like this D&G inspired starry dress.

(image by Papper Sparrow)

Go ahead and check the tutorial as well as the rest of her blog.

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  1. Wow! So happy to have stumbled onto your blog too : ) thanks a million for featuring this project and linking! I can't wait to read some more of your blog. xo

  2. This is such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing!

    x Rachel

  3. Geia sou Dina! Anarwtiomoun an eisai ellhnida apto prohgoumeno sou sxolio, h an apla egrapses 'filakia' twra omws epivevaiw8hka :)
    Euxaristws na kanoume give away. den vriskw e-mail sou giauto steile mou ena sto natfou86@hotmail.com me tis skepseis sou k ti 8eleis...

    P.S: Your Etsy shop is more than wonderful,you are really talented.Following you also through Bloglovin!

  4. me vgazei ws Anonymous :(

    Anastasia From Natbeesfashion

  5. pretty outfit! and awesome bag!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  6. Βλεπω στο Etsy εβαλες και αλλα ωραια πραγματακια!!!ανυπομονω!!!

  7. Such a cute clutch!



  8. How can I do something like this to a red clutch?