DIY: Geometric Fabric Button Earrings

Inspired by the Chevron Sneakers tutorial from Refinery29 I really wanted to use my new fabric markers but since I don't really wear flats or sneakers I had to look for other options.
I thought of making some really unique fabric earrings and these geometric abstract earrings are the result of this experiment.
I used:
 - kit and findings for covering buttons ( the ones I used were 20mm)
- fabric
- fabric markers
- covering button transparent template 
- scissors
- earring posts
- a pencil
I chose white fabric so that the colors would be more vivid.
Start by cutting the fabric using your template and with a pencil lightly trace the inside of it. This is the area that will show on the button's surface.
With a ruler (or free hand if you are confident enough) and a thin tip fabric marker start drawing the outline of your design. I am not really good at this so I went for something abstract and different on each of the buttons.
When you are done with the design, pick your fabric pieces and with the design facing down place one them on the button covering base. This is where you have to be careful so that your design -which is facing down- is in the middle of the base. 
Place the button "head" on it and push so that it fits inside the base. Put the covering back on it and using the other part of the kit push so it seals the fabric around the button head.
Push your button out of the base and do the same for the other fabric piece.
You can of course skip the first part and just make the button and start drawing on it afterwards but I found it easier for me to draw the outline on a flat surface without the curve of the button.
Use your marker again if needed to fill any blanks, especially on the sides and then continue by using colored markers according to the design you have in mind.

 Mine is totally random :)
If you want you can use a bold tip marker and draw around the sides of the buttons. 
 I drew one black around and left the other as is. 
Let the colors dry according to the manufacturer's instructions and then put some glue on the back side of the buttons and attach your earring posts.
Retrace the design once the colors have dried so that they become more vivid and that's it.
I hope you like them :)



  1. Incredible!!!Thats all I can say Dina!
    You are genius!

  2. How awesome! You have a really great blog. :)

  3. These are so cute and clever!!!! Thanks for sharing this great idea!