DIY: Floral Sunglasses and D&G Floral Tiara

Lazing around during these hot summer weekends is inevitable but there are some projects that really kick your creativity to high gear.
Nothing better than spending one of those weekends surrounded by small cute flowers that will stay looking gorgeous on your accessories all year round :) 

If you are a fan of the floral trend then I am happy to share with you two fantastic floral DIYs from Honestly WTF.
 Transform your sunglasses into floral masterpieces with adorable ceramic flowers and make the most fabulously glamorous Dolce & Gabbana inspired floral tiara all in a few minutes.

To make the floral sunglasses you will need:

 -a pair of sunglasses
- various ceramic flowers
- disposable container or popsicle stick 
-a handful of toothpicks
- glue

To make the floral tiara you will need :
- a black velvet headband
- various ceramic flowers
- faux pearls and pre-set rhinestones
- toothpicks
- a popsicle stick (or a disposable container)
- glue

Head over to Honestly WTF for the full instructions on the floral sunglasses and the floral tiara and enjoy!

(Images by Honestly WTF)


  1. Thats a great idea!! Looks really high quality

  2. Wow, those sunglasses are amazing! Just love the flowers. Great job!

    <3 Jenny

  3. Amazzzing:X:X i follow you
    what do you say about to follow each other blog?

  4. Hey :D Thanks for the comment on my blog, I've started following you! (I'd be happy to have a chat about linguistics any day ;)

    This post is super cute and a creative way to jazz up some plain sunglasses :) Plus, I love floral!

  5. Awesome post love photos, you have a great blog!!