DIY Simple Summer Bracelet

I received an email the other day from a lovely reader asking if I could make a tutorial on a very simple summer bracelet style that does not require a hundred knots or clasps
and you can easily stack up.

I am not a fan of doing macramé knots in the summer heat so this happens to be exactly what I have had on my wrists all summer :)

You will need:

 - waxed cotton cords
- crimp beads, tube beads or any beads of your choice
- scissors

Measure the cord around your wrist allowing for an extra 5-6cm and cut (the cord) using your scissors.
 Thread as many beads as you like on the cord. You can use any beads you have really, I used gold and silver crimp and tube beads on these.

Once you have enough beads on it thread one last bead and cross the cord's ends through it. 
Tie a small knot on one end and slide the bracelet on your wrist.

 Pull the other end of the cord so that the bracelet fits nicely on your wrist and tie another knot.

 Trim any excess cord with your scissors and there you have it :)

Make it in lots of different color and bead combinations and have fun stacking them up :)
Hope you like it :) xoxo


  1. I love this! Simple, but so cute.

  2. love this! i am slightly obsessed with (attempting) to make bracelets this summer [i have been pinning left & right haha]! this is insanely easy & adorable-- must try!!

    xx Corinne

  3. Πανεμορφα!!!Cool idea :)

  4. o.e I literally threw away my tiny metallic beads a day before reading this, thinking that I would never use them /).-