DIY : Shatter Polish Sunglasses

Do you ever happen to buy a certain nail polish shade more than once? Even if the first one you bought is still brand new and unused in your drawer? I sure hope so else I should really seek some help with that. I buy the same colors way too often and it is becoming a bit of a problem especially when I go through lazy periods when I don't use nail polish at all. The poor things just waste away.

This fantastic blue from O.P.I is one of those purchases. A triple one actually. For some reason I found it clever to buy it three times even though I remembered I bought a blue not long ago. I guess I didn't want to risk it as if it would go out of production or something. In my defense it is an amazing blue shade and since I came up with a project for it now I am in the clear. Yes? Yes!
I thought of this DIY when I got a pair of free sunglasses with the September issue of Elle and I just love the result.
Blue and fuchsia shatter polish sunglasses

You will need:

- solid colored nail polish (I used O.P.I Blue My Mind)
- shatter nail polish (I used fuchsia Nail Quake by MUA )
- sunglasses

Pick contrasting polish shades for a "popping", vibrant effect or why not go for gold and black if you would like an animal print themed result.
I decided not to paint the front of the sunglasses because one bad stroke and I would have to use nail polish remover which would ruin the lens. Plus since there is not enough room for nice clear "shattering" it would end up looking just messy so I went with the "arms".

Make sure your sunglasses are clean and start by applying a layer of the colored nail polish on the outer side of the "arms". Let dry and then apply another layer to cover the surface evenly. Let them dry for a while adding a few extra minutes to your usual waiting time.

 Afterwards using quick, even strokes apply one layer of the shatter nail polish. You can apply it both vertically and horizontally to create a random shattering effect but remember to not repeat a stroke on the same spot. The shattering effect should start almost immediately so if you apply on top of it it will just not create the nice cracks.
Cover both arms and let them dry thoroughly. Depending on your varnish you may want to apply a clear top coat. Once dry they are ready for you to enjoy :)
Hope you like them!

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