DIY: J.Crew Inspired Crystal Bracelet

Kicking off some of the spider webs around there with a spin-off to the J.Crew Crystal Venus Flytrap Inspired Necklace DIY I did a while ago. 
This time, a bracelet.

Spring still seems a tad reluctant to stay but summer should be arriving soon and there is no reason for your wrists to be bare. This crystal bracelet DIY is easy, fun and full of bling.

You will need:

- clear crystal cabochons (easily found on Etsy and very cheap)
- cabochon settings with lace edge in the same size as your cabochons
- clasp and two jump rings
- E-6000 glue
- pliers
The steps are pretty much the same as for the J.Crew Inspired Crystal Necklace DIY but we will skip adding the chain since the bracelet is much shorter than the necklace.
I shall repeat them for your convenience in any case borrowing some instructional pictures from my previous post:

I used 12mm clear cabochons with foiled backs and bronze settings/chain/findings for this bracelet . You can use any metal you want just remember to use cabochons and settings of the same size.
Using your pliers bend two of the lace "bumps" of your settings, one on each side.
  Start connecting your settings using the jump rings until you have the desired length for your bracelet.
Measure it on your wrist and add or remove settings accordingly. Once you have connected the desired amount on settings get your crystals and glue.

Apply a small dot of the glue on each crystal and position them on each setting pressing firmly.
 Leave the piece aside for a couple of hours so that the glue dries.
Using the pliers attach a jump ring on each end of the bracelet and add the clasp on one of them. You can use a bit of chain as well if you don't have enough cabochons or if you want to make the bracelet adjustable 

Let the glue dry some more and you are done :)

Till the next time :)