Making Things

I enjoy making things. Always have. 
I remember as a kid making picture frames out of plate molded paste. Such a process that was. I used to put a picture on a plate (picture facing down) and then fill the plate with that white paste my mother let me use. Not sure what was in it to be honest and I didn't really care at the time.
Then a little string loop burried in the paste on the edge of the plate and letting the whole thing dry. 
When it was done it would just pop out of the plate when turning it upside down and then coloring it. 
We used to hang them on the walls in my room.
I wish I had a picture of it or the result but the only one I could find is in my head...thank god for memories.
I've made lots of things ever since and the last few years mainly jewelry. 
Polymer clay, beads, plastic, fabric. 
I was eager to get into silver but circumstances made that impossible for a while and finally the pieces came together so I signed up for my first course.
Ecstatic and eager I did not manage to sleep throughout the weekend duration of it.  

It started like this :

Somewhere in the middle

and I went home with a smile and this lovely ring on my finger. 
(and some polishing compount in my eye. Wear protective goggles at all times please!)
First Ring

A ring that had my name on it from start to finish.

A few months, a couple of courses, a lot of studying and scraps
here I am looking forward to share more :)


  1. this is gorgeous...nice craftsmanship...have a super day!

    enjoy *~*

  2. that is such a pretty ring i love silver & wear a lot of it.

  3. That ring is beautiful! I've always wanted to learn how to work with silver too, but there's always something else that seems more urgent. Good for you for doing it! :)

  4. What a cute ring! I love the idea of metalwork, but it seems so intimidaitng to me. I've been adding all these cool tutorials and projects to my site, you should check some out now that you've gotten your feet wet, so to speak.