DIY : Workout T-Shirt

Every summer for some reason my closet magically seems to be full of unwanted t-shirts. 
Every single summer...
Some may seem old, others too casual, worn out or simply not interesting any more. 
So I thought that this year perhaps I should look into doing something creative with those that don't tickle my fancy. 
I was lucky enough to stumble upon a fantastically creative way of up-cycling t-shirts over at  

 You basically take any t-shirt chop a little here and there and tadaaaa! 
Afterwards you have a fashionable back baring top that is perfect for working out or a simple yet chic outfit on those hot summer days :)

You will need around 20 minutes, a pair of scissors and a t-shirt. That is all! No sewing!

Simple fast and fabulous :)
Head over to Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth read the instructions and have fun up-cycling those t-shirts :)



  1. Such a great idea! I've never thought of it before :)Thanx for sharing :)

  2. Great DIY! I have so many old t-shirts and was about to order some tanks for summer, but I'm totally doing this instead! :)

  3. This is really simple and such great working for summer. Great t-shirt design.

  4. Last time I cut off the sleeves, the whole top of the shirt wasn't connected anymore..

  5. Love it. Someone on pinterest marked your link as spam, but I continued anyways. May want to contact Pinterest about it.

    Anyways, a great way to recycle an old shirt! Thanks!