DIY: Neon Chain Earrings

Bright colors, fringes and metallic details are everywhere at the moment!
I thought of combining them all to make an easy and super fun little project :)
Neon chain earrings!
 Pick your favorite bright nail polish and let's get crafty!

To make these you will need :

- chain
- jump rings
- earring hooks
- nail polish in bright colors
- side cutters
- pliers

Using the cutters, cut the chain into several strands in the length you want.

Tape the chain strands you cut on a piece of paper to avoid stains on your desk and start painting them with your nail polish. Paint each strand a different color or combine them and play around :)
I left a bit of the chain as is on the top and painted the rest with neon mint, neon yellow, fuchsia and bright orange nail polish.

Let the first coat dry slightly and apply another if needed allowing it to dry a little but not completely. Carefully remove the tape and pick up each of the chain strands.
Place them on another spot on the paper so that they can dry completely.

Depending on the nail polish they make take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to dry. I left mine dry overnight just in case.
Once they are dry pick the strands and softly massage them in your fingers so that the links are not stuck together or stiff from the nail polish.

Using your pliers open the jump ring and attach one by one half the chain strands, the earring hook and close. Do the same for the rest of the chain strands.

Enjoy :)

If you get bored of the colors you have chosen you can just use some nail polish remover and start over again using any other color combination :)