Recipe: Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

I am overwhelmed by the cuteness and yumminess of the following.
Not only is the idea amazing but Hungry Happenings has great photos to accompany this delicious recipe.

 How amazingly cute are these Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies !

(image by HungryHappenings)
Peanut-buttery goodness!

If the picture made your mouth water a little bit then go ahead and check out the recipe over at
Hungry Happenings.

 (image by HungryHappenings)

You can also sprinkle them with chocolate and make them brown instead :)

(image by HungryHappenings)

It looks so easy with the step by step pictures so I think I will give it a shot next weekend.
I need to go hunting for something similar to Nutter Butter cookies since they don't sell them here.



  1. oh they are so cute ! :O

  2. those are SO cute! x

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