Tutorial : DIY Drawstring Coin Purse

I always have coins here and there due to the lack of a place for them in my wallet.
Of course they end up disappearing.
I was very happy when I stumbled upon the Between the Lines website which features the easier and cutest drawstring coin purse tutorial ever!

(image by BetweenTheLines)

I unfortunately don't have have any leather on hand and I am trying really hard to resist tearing apart a purse so that I get some scraps, so I will try it tomorrow with some denim I have coming for the Denim Wedges.

"Here's what you'll need:

- leather scraps - or alternatively, any other material that will hold up, like felt, oil cloth, heavy weight cotton (which won't fray much in my opinion since it's cut in a circle)
- optional: fabric scraps and Vliesofix for the inside
- a plate, a dish or a bowl to trace the circle if you don't have a compass handy Note: for the purse in the above pictures, which is about 6cm wide and 6cm high, I used a dish with a 16cm diameter.
- leather shoe lace, ribbon, biais tape, ... for the closure
- a hole puncher
- iron
- scissors"

(image by BetweenTheLines)

So easy it is a shame not to try it.
I will post mine as soon as I make it :)


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