DIY : Organic Hair Curls plus ... It's Alive!!!

Yes, by "it" I mean myself :p
A move, an Oly accident that led us to the pet emergency clinic in the wee hours of the night (she really can't catch a break), lots of skips and hops later here I am!
Summer really has a hard time deciding if it will shine or spit on me here in Oslo, Norway.
I must say that it really prefers spitting since it has rained 80% of
the time since I moved here a month ago.
 Rain in Oslo
Really ... I don't think it even rained that much when I lived in London, UK. Get it together Oslo!
I usually don't mind rain but this time it really really messes up with my hair. So much humidity and they go all frizzy and I hate hate hate it!
Such a bright note to bring back the blog posts right?
Ok whine mode off.
Hair solution on.
So, I thought, since it gets frizzy anyway I might as well jazz it up a little so it doesn't drive me crazy.
And off I went to search for curly ideas that won't damage my hair 
which brings me to today's great tutorial.

 (image by A Beautiful Mess)

A Beautiful Mess's tutorial demonstrates a really simple and organic way to jazz up those locks without heat and all the damage it brings.
The tutorial calls for fabric, comb, water and your hair is all you will need really and it will work its magic while you sleep.
  (image by A Beautiful Mess)
 It's a great way to style your hair, frizz or no frizz, and so simple that it really worths a try plus her photographs make it so dreamy and retro and it is hard to resist it.
Go ahead and try it yourself :)

If you have any anti-humidity-frizz tips please do drop a comment my way!


  1. this hairstyle is really cute(:

  2. can you show the steps? :)

  3. I love curly hair that looks a little more earthy but my hair is short, my hair is blonde but is almost shoulder length. I usually cut it shorter but it holds a curl, how could I make it look cute if it's shorter?

    1. shorter hair is easier to give a wave too with out getting the Shirley Temple hair. or try bigger looser curls.

  4. Lovely post! I only visited Oslo and I adore the city! It doesn;t rain as much as Dublin (where I live)

  5. Is this your natural hair colour, or do you dye it? Its a gorgeous colour - just what I want to dye mine!

  6. Cute hairstyle,like your post!Thanks