Autumn Colors: Inspiration Fuel

Isn't it great to look outside the window these days?
I love this parade of warm Autumn colors.
Every shade of red, yellow and brown generously offers inspiration on every corner and it is really no surprise that all these shades and tones make their way to all handmade creations this time of year.
Seasons play a huge part to what and how we create things no doubt and more often than not they trigger memories that inspire us even more.

Inspired by the warm Autumn colors and influenced by childhood memories, school beginnings and children playing outside, I made some pinwheel jewelry.

I used to have a blast running around with a pinwheel when I was little. I loved how it span against the wind and I would exhaust my little lungs blowing at it non stop.
More colors available in my Etsy shop :)

What I love about Etsy is that its a fantastic handmade community full of truly talented artists that you can't help but be inspired by...

 What inspires you this time of the year?
Here is a small selection of what caught my eye
and made my heart beat just a bit faster these past few days :)

I hope some of these manage to inspire you and maybe bring a smile to your face.

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  1. it did! as the do all the new thing at your shop! filakia glykia mou : )