Keeping Them Close to Your Heart

Nowadays, with all the technology around us, it is sometimes hard to really miss someone. You can see each other and talk for hours on skype, send endless emails, chat all night long on messengers or share your whole life through pictures on flickr. 
It does look like the human touch is drifting more and more away but maybe one day we will all snap, turn off the computers and go outside.
I have relocated to a different country 3 times so far.
Sometimes I wonder which of them I consider home and can't really come up with a definite answer.
It doesn't really matter though does it? Home is where your heart is and so I made a necklace to keep home close to my heart no matter where I am.
 I only made two, one to keep and one to share.

I also love this little locket that keeps tiny pictures of loved ones safe inside it and it looks adorable :)
Have a great weekend!

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