Tutorial : DIY Chanel Cutout Gloves

While summer is slowly (or rather hasty up here) waving goodbye, gorgeous colorful fall is approaching.
For me, there is nothing better than the autumn light. The magnificent light that plays with the changing colors on the trees just before the frost takes it all away.

Autumn also calls for fashion and what's better than up-cycling a pair of gloves.
If you are looking for a fab new project then you must check this out.
The genius lady over at Semi has a detailed photo - tutorial on how to make these fantastic Chanel style gloves.
(Images by SEMI

You will only need some old/new leather gloves, scissors, an X-acto knife, a hot glue gun and some heavy card-stock. The whole thing takes approx. 1,5hrs.
It is so easy and the result is so stylish so make sure you check out the tutorial here.

They are perfect for the "just cool enough" autumn days before
the real cold and woolly gloves come out :)


  1. These are amazing! I just reashioned some old leather gloves but nothing like this!

  2. So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.