DIY : Record Coasters

A fantastic way to give life to dull coasters that is perfect for summer with all the BBQs and picnics! Music and retro lovers will love this one :)

The lovely Mandy from Something Monumental has a detailed tutorial on how you can spice up plain cork coasters by turning them into these absolutely cute vinyl record looking ones. 

 (Images via Something Monumental)

 You will need:

 (Images via Something Monumental)

 - coasters
- paint ( black and red as in the tutorial or use any color you like )
- paint brushes
- Mod Podge Outdoor
- a pencil
- a small round object that you can trace around such as a quarter or a film cannister

Head over to Something Monumental to check out the tutorial and have fun making these!
*Pictures and tutorial via Something Monumental*


  1. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. This is so cute and easy! Thank you for sharing

  3. These look stunning! Thanks so much for sharing! <3