DIY: Detachable Brogue Hearts

As much as I love a leather fringe tongue on brogues, one can only see so many fringes before one gets really tired of them. I am one, so I decided to make something different for my brogues. 
Detachable tongues yes, but not fringed; hearts! 
 How cute is that! Very, according to myself :)

You will need:

- leather or suede (c/o Milloo)
- scissors and an x-acto knife
- hole punch
- a cardboard or a cutting mat
- pen and paper
- measuring tape

Begin by measuring the area you want your hearts to cover on your brogues. You want to cover the laces so make it a bit wider than that area. Next, measure how long the tongue is and add an extra inch in length. Draw a heart according to these measurements on your paper and using the scissors or x-acto knife cut it out. Place the leather on your cutting mat or piece of cardboard and lay the heart shape you just cut out on it. 
 Using the x-acto knife trace the heart shape on the leather twice so that you get two leather hearts. Use your scissors if you are having any difficulties with the x-acto knife. 
Place the hearts on your shoes and using your pen mark two spots for the holes, approx. half an inch from the top of the heart. 
 This is where the laces will go through so position the holes according to where you want the hearts to sit on the shoes. 
 Punch two holes on the marked spots and put your laces through them so that the laces are coming out to the front.
Done :)
Hope you like it!

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