DIY: You Go Glen Coco T-shirt - Free Printable

  While lost in the never-ending lands of Pinterest, I stumbled upon a "You Go Glen Coco" top. If you have watched the movie "Mean Girls" you can understand that I of course had to have it, and so I clicked and clicked going through the endless links trying to find the source. I gave up when I ended up in some weight loss web page that seems to be the destination of every pin lately. 
Like a Pinterest plague!
Anyhow, I of course did not let that get in my way and I quickly decided to make my own design and share it with all the cocos out there!
 It is mainly Christmas themed due to the candy cane motif, but can also be a great touch if you decide to go for a Mean Girls themed Halloween costume.
If you haven't watched "Mean Girls" you may not appreciate this as much so I recommend that you watch it :p

You will need:
-a top or tote bag
- iron-on transfer paper
- iron
- ink-jet color printer
- scissors or x-acto knife

Download the design here : You Go Glen Coco Printable (Click on File and then on Download)
 As you will see it is reversed so that when you iron it on a top or a tote bag it will read correctly.
Set your printer to best photo quality, pick normal or transfer paper mode and print the design onto the transfer paper using landscape paper orientation. The design fits an A4 page.
Leave the printed design to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
Using your scissors or an x-acto knife, cut around the design leaving a 1-3mm border around it.
 The size of the white border will show in a faded beige shade around your design when it is ironed on, so trim as close to your design as you can.

Lay your top or bag on a stable, heat-resistant surface and preheat your iron according to your paper's instructions. Common ones suggest heat settings for cotton and no steam.
 Before you iron your design it is best to briefly iron your fabric so that it is smooth.
Place your printed design facing down on the fabric and iron it making sure the heat is evenly transfered over the entire design area.
Follow your paper's instructions regarding ironing time.
 I used Pelikan Inkjet T-shirt transfer paper that recommended using the highest heat settings with no steam. This paper has indicator designs on its backside that change color when you should stop ironing.
In order to achieve a matte finish, remove the transfer paper while it is hot by peeling it off in a careful, smooth, even motion starting from one corner.
For a glossy finish let it cool first and then remove carefully.

This is what mine looked like following the matte finish instructions.
Notice the beige border around the design; after fixing the colors (instructions below) it will not be as visible but I should have trimmed more. Make sure you do :) 
You can see examples on both finishes after fixing the colors below.

To fix the colors onto the fabric, removing any extra ink and giving the design a soft, fabric-like texture:

Matte finish:

After the design has cooled, cover it with a sheet of normal white copy paper and iron it once again for 10-15 seconds. Remove the paper right away while it is still hot while careful not to burn yourself!
Glossy finish:
Once cooled, use a sheet of greaseproof paper on top of the design, iron it for 10-15 seconds and let it cool before you remove it.

I went with matte finish because it feels less "plastic-y" than the glossy and the border around the design is less visible.
 Allow at least 24 hours before washing for the first time. Always wash it inside out at maximum 40C and use an iron directly on the design. You can iron it on the reverse side or cover it with paper and iron on that.
 This design is for personal use only. Use it for yourself or to make presents for your friends but do not use for commercial use.

Hope you like it :)


  1. I'm all about the DIY tee's right now!

  2. love it!

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