Autumn Inspiration

Autumn for me is the color changing leaves on the trees. On a sunny autumn day there is absolutely nothing better than marveling the wonder of yellow and red tones on the previously green trees.
It makes me feel all warm inside and longing even more for my beloved white icy Scandinavian winter.
I think that Autumn is quite mistreated.
When it comes, all we think about is the Summer that is leaving,  the cold Winter ahead and the holidays that are on their way.
So this year I though I would make something new to always remind me of Fall.

Inspired by cozying up with a good book, my favorite cardigan and a cup of tea on a cool Autumn afternoon, I made some necklaces.

 The blue one is my favorite :)
You can find them all here

What do you love about Autumn?


  1. well first, i love those cute teatime necklaces!
    second, autumn reminds me of the beginning of my relationship with my.. err... hunnybunny? (halloween will be our 4 year anniversary)!

  2. These tea cups are adorable! Autumn is my favorite season. There is something about the scent in the air paired with the amazing golds and burgundies of the leaves! I also love walking in the leaves after they fall!!!!

  3. Theese are soo adorable!!
    A cuppa tea in the autumn <3 mmmmm
    :) x