DIY : Colorful Summer Necklace

Colorful necklaces are great during summer. You can wear a simple top and jazz it up with a necklace right away. I always try to opt for handmade when it comes to jewelry because it really makes it so much more special to know that someone put all this effort and love into making something. You are not just another dollar sign in the artist's mind. I think you develop a special connection with a handmade piece and you love it in a really unique way.

This DIY is double fun because not only it is easy to make but you get to use a handmade main component.

Vibrant, delicious, beautiful glass beads!
I just love the colors and the result necklaces look fantastic.

You will need:

- large glass beads (I used 15-17mm ones)
- waxed cotton cords
- jump rings
- clasps
- crimp beads
-  pliers, crimping pliers

You can of course use any beads but I highly recommend going on Etsy for some handmade glass beads. The colors are just amazing!

Start by cutting a piece of cord according to the length you want your necklace to have.
Form a small loop on one end and holding it firmly between your fingers thread a crimp bead around it.
You don't need a very large loop, just large enough for the jump ring to go through.
Using your crimping pliers close the crimp bead so that it is firmly fastened on the cord and thread a jump ring through the cord loop.
Thread as many beads in the color combinations you want and repeat the steps above adding the clasp to the jump ring on the other end of the cord.
You can join two cords and two sets of beads by threading a jump ring through two cord loops as shown in the picture below.
You can add a couple of crimp beads as well if you want to add a metallic element to them.
Play around and mix them up :)
As you can see it is very easy to overdo it and make a dozen of these but with these fantastic colors who cares!

Hope you like it :)

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  1. These are adorable! So simple yet so vibrant. Thank you for sharing!