DIY: Embellished Denim Shirt

There are a lot of ways to spice up a shirt that include lace details, studs and of course glam...lots of glam! It is time for some shirt collars to get a serious bling!
Summer is soon waving goodbye I have been repeating this sentence in my head since May..not a fan or the heat and this little DIY is a fantastic way to add some sparkle to those chilly evenings when a shirt is much needed. 

 How fab will this collar look during fall and winter peaking under those knitted pieces!
The crafty masterminds at Honestly WTF have put together this fantastic DIY that you can follow to embellish your denim shirts.

You will need:

- denim shirt (this should work on any fabric given the collar is slightly reinforced)
- assorted buttons
- flat back pearls
- assorted rhinestones 
- Jewel-It washable glue
- flush wire cutters
- a tooth pick
- a disposable wooden spoon

Head over to Honestly WTF to check the full instructions and glam up those shirts!

Hope you like it :)

( All images by HonestlyWTF)


  1. Ugh I LOVE this, I just can"t seem to find a nice denim shirt anywhere. x

    editor of My Fashion Lust List

    1. Check out these from Asos:

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