DIY: Halloween Candy Corn Charm

Even thought I don't quite like candy corn, I can't deny it is one of my favorite Autumn and Halloween decor accents. I love the yellow and orange colors that contrast the black spooky Halloween themes so this year I decided to make a few candy corn charms.
Candy corn is very easy to make using polymer clay but be careful to keep it away from children so that they do not confuse it with the edible, real candy corn.
You can also use this DIY to make candy corn for other uses such as pendants, brooches, earrings etc.

You will need:

- polymer clay in orange, yellow and white
- an oven
- eyepin or earrings posts depending on your project
- *optional* glittery glaze

Pre-heat your oven according to your clay's instructions.
Begin by conditioning your polymer clay and then let it aside for a couple of minutes so that it is not too sticky. The amount you will use depends on the size and the quantity of the charms you will make.  Pinch a small piece out of the yellow clay, a smaller one out of the orange and a tiny one out of the white. Roll them between your fingers to form a small ball of each color.
Stack them on top of the other with the yellow on bottom, orange in middle and white one on top. 
 Hold them between your fingers and lightly press so the piece begins to flatten a little. Don't overdo it, you don't want it too flat. 
 Apply light pressure to the sides so that the shape starts resembling a puffy triangle. Continue applying light pressure -and flattening it if needed- until the pieces of clay are nicely merged together. This shouldn't take more than half a minute. 
Round the corners with your fingers and tap the bottom so that it is flat. 
If you are going for a charm attach an eye pin by pushing it down the white part.
Place your charms in the oven for the time required according to your clay's instructions.
I made the size on the left for earrings and the one on the right for charms.
Once baked let cool thoroughly. If you are making earrings you can glue earring posts on one side, same goes or brooch pins etc.
 I also used a couple of glitter glaze coats on mine to give it a sparkle. 
Hope you like it!


  1. i love polymer clay! this is so cute (:

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    Have a great day!